3 Reasons to Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue for Your Nuptials

Planning a wedding is, undoubtedly, nerve-wracking. Handling a host of tasks ranging from catering to entertainment and décor can end up taking away from your excitement for your big day, leaving you stressed. But this does not have to be the case. What some couples are surprised to learn is their choice of venue can streamline all other parts of their wedding.

Hence, if you want to simplify your responsibilities and focus on the excitement leading up to your big day, consider hosting your wedding guests at an outdoor wedding venue. Discover three compelling reasons to choose an outdoor wedding venue for your nuptials.

1. An Outdoor Wedding Venue Provides Gorgeous Scenery

While the memory of your big day will be etched in your mind and that of your spouse for time immemorial, you cannot underrate the importance of memorializing your nuptials in photographs and videos. Yet, the images captured will only be as good as the background they are taken in. Thus, you should prioritize hosting your big day in an outdoor venue for a couple of reasons.

To begin with, surrounding yourselves and your guests with nature will provide a charming backdrop for your wedding images, which lends a breathtaking touch to the photos and videos. Moreover, the natural light automatically available at an outdoor venue will not only ensure your wedding photos are crisp and clear but will add a warm glow to your guests’ faces, without investing in artificial illumination.

2. An Outdoor Wedding Venue Provides Cost Savings

Apart from nerves, a dominant reason why couples are stressed when planning their wedding is because of trying to stay within their budget. Thus, some individuals may assume selecting a small venue that does not offer amenities will be less expensive, but this is largely untrue. You may be surprised to learn an outdoor venue can be the most economical solution for your nuptials.

For starters, an outdoor wedding venue with interconnecting spaces allows you to host your ceremony and reception at the same place. Hence, you do not have to be concerned with ferrying guests from one venue to another, and this saves on transport expenses.

Furthermore, an outdoor venue providing premium amenities such as a full-service bar, onsite catering services, and décor solutions eliminates the need of having to work with different vendors. Consequently, you are better placed to save on your overall costs.

3. An Outdoor Wedding Venue Provides Adequate Space

Although indoor venues, for example, banquet halls, are a popular choice for some couples, you should know that these spaces come with stringent space limitations. If you plan on inviting a multitude of guests, you could end up paying much more than you budgeted for due to the maximum occupancy of an indoor venue.

This is not an issue you would have to contend with at an outdoor wedding venue, as you will not have a confined space. An outdoor locale with expansive gardens allows you to make the best use of the space available, ensuring all your guests are comfortable.

Additionally, if you want to host a kid-friendly wedding, you can rest assured that an outdoor venue will have sufficient space for the children to play while still staying within sight of the adults. Therefore, you can also be certain the kids are safe.

Whether you want to hold an intimate wedding or a large, boisterous reception, find an outdoor venue to match these needs. Contact Celebrations on the River for VIP wedding packages, dream décor rentals, and rehearsal dinner packages to meet your expectations. We look forward to being your wedding venue.