Top 6 Reasons to Have a Riverside Wedding

Marrying the person you love is a beautiful thing. The best way to commemorate your marriage is through a wedding. When you and your partner decide to get married, the difficult task of planning the wedding ceremony comes next. The choice of venue is a significant factor in a successful wedding.

One of the most interesting places you can choose for a venue is the riverside. Read on to learn about some of the reasons that make a riverside front the perfect choice for a wedding venue.

1. Break the Norm

Your wedding needs to be a special experience different from everyone else’s. However, most people find it difficult to achieve that because they only think about churches as their wedding venues. One way to break this tradition and create something unique and memorable for you and your partner is to consider a riverside wedding venue. 

Additionally, a river provides enough freedom to have more fun activities. For example, people can dance and drink alcohol, prohibited in most church settings. Choose a riverside front for your wedding, and everyone will be talking about it for years. 

2. Get a Perfect View

After years of marriage, scrolling through a wedding photo album is a fulfilling experience. It brings back memories of the vows you exchanged with your partner and rekindles love. One thing you should get right as you plan your wedding is photography.

A riverside front presents an amazing venue for a picture-perfect wedding. For instance, sunset and a flowing river can produce a great background for wedding pictures. 

3. Create a Personalized and Intimate Feel

Weddings should be what you and your partner desire. It has to bring out your personality, character, tastes, and the things you represent. A riverside wedding enables you to have this experience. You can freely choose flowers, colors, seats, fabrics, lighting, etc. An enclosed venue would limit this because of pre-existing factors such as wall colors and seats that might clash.

4. Get Extra Space

Space is always an important factor for consideration when you select the venue for your wedding. You might want your family members, friends, and colleagues to witness your big day. However, a restaurant setting may not have the capacity to hold a huge crowd or may present parking challenges. 

A riverside is a perfect venue if you want to accommodate all your friends. Furthermore, it provides enough space for parking and children to play and celebrate. 

5. Save on Costs

Issues such as restaurant reservations make weddings an expensive affair, discouraging people from weddings. Budget constraints should not limit you from having the wedding of your dreams. A riverside venue enables you to budget for your wedding effectively.

First, the beautiful scenery of the riverside creates natural decor. That helps you to cut down on the decoration costs massively. Secondly, unlike enclosed venues with time limits due to other scheduled activities, you can have the whole day at the riverside at a fixed rate. Some venues may charge you extra for extending your stay. 

6. Have Privacy

Various reasons can drive people to want a private and peaceful wedding. For instance, if you’re a celebrity or public figure, you might not want paparazzi drama or people meddling with your private affairs. Churches and restaurant receptions might be the wrong venue choice if you want to achieve this because they are public places that people visit regularly.

On the other hand, a riverside front is peaceful, silent, and the most unlikely place for paparazzi to snoop. It is the perfect venue to conduct a private wedding and invite a few family members and friends. 

Plan Your Wedding Today

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming activity that requires keen attention to detail to make it a success. Contact Celebrations on the River today to help organize your wedding. We’ll provide a perfect riverside venue to exchange your vows and conduct your wedding ceremony.