Outdoor Altar Decoration Inspiration


Adding a little bit of color to your outdoor altar will be a great way to compliment the theme of your wedding, especially with flowers. Flowers are not only a classic wedding staple, they’re also very elegant and beautiful and are sure to complete the ceremony of your wedding.

Draping or Fabric

Having long and flowy drapes and beautiful fabrics on your altar will look beautiful outside with a gentle breeze. It will truly make your wedding altar complement the beauty of any wedding dress.

Trees & Nature

Having a wood or tree bark altar is a great option for a rustic, nature themed wedding. Being outside really brings out the natural beauty of your wedding and having a tree back altar will be the cherry on top.


If you’re someone who loves to shine, a beaded outdoor altar can really sparkle up your wedding. Just think, not only the sun will be shining on you but also the beauty of your beaded altar.  


If you’re planning on having your wedding in the spring or summer, greenery is a great way to make your altar look natural and gorgeous all in one. Simple colors and greenery can go a long way in showing the beauty of the outdoors.


A pergola is an amazing option for an altar! Sometimes a simple yet beautiful pergola is just what you need, not too flashy to take away from such a sentimental moment but still stunning. 


Geometric shapes for an altar will be sure to stand out. It’s a very unique style that looks absolutely gorgeous for an outdoor wedding, it is becoming increasingly popular for a reason!