Unique & Trendy Dessert Ideas

The day of your wedding is a very exciting day, but there are more ways than one to make your wedding day unique and on trend. Of course the most popular wedding day dessert has to be the multiple tier cake with beautiful white icing and a pretty cake topper on top. But what if you want to do something different? There are so many more options to choose from, and ways to make your dessert bar fit and enhance the theme of your wedding. 

Ice Cream 

Depending on your wedding date the temperature can have a play on what the perfect dessert is. On a very hot summer day anyone could go for a cold treat to help them cool down. The guests will love the amount of options that comes with picking your own flavor and toppings! 

Pie Pops 

Pie pops are a fun and unique take on a delicious classic. Cake pops are fun but they’ve been done before and pie pops are new and exciting. Your guests will love to have a quick and easy dessert filled with sweet filling that is easy to enjoy. 

Candy Station 

Candy is a great way to have a tasty treat that matches the theme and color palette of your wedding. With so many flavorful options for whatever your heart desires, your guests are sure to find something they love. 

Donut Wall 

Donut walls are a new and trendy dessert option for your wedding. A donut wall is a great option if you want lots of options, delicious treats displayed in a fun and unique way, and funny donut puns! 

Caramel Apples 

When the colder weather comes around and the leaves start to turn it’s nice to have a dessert that matches the time of year. Choosing a festive treat that is customizable to each guest is a dream come true. So caramel apples are definitely the way to go. With fun sweet and salty mixtures your guests will have a blast creating their own candy apple. 


When it gets chilly outside as the sun goes down, there’s nothing like a warm melted s’more to get you warmed up and ready to hit the dance floor. One of the best things about having a s’more bar at your wedding is the chance to get everyone together over a bonfire and enjoy eachothers company. An absolutely wonderful dessert for a smaller, more intimate wedding. 

Hot Chocolate & Apple Cider

In the fall and winter months it is nice to have a warm desert to match the season and have a fun treat all in one. Hot chocolate and apple cider is a great way to warm everyone up in the sweetest way possible.


Cupcakes are an obvious choice. The classic that can feature everyone’s favorite flavor. No matter what the theme or color palette, a cupcake display can always save the day. 

It’s important to choose whatever dessert is best for your wedding and even though you want to please all of your guests, it’s best to pick a dessert that you enjoy and want to have at your wedding. With that in mind, all of these desserts offer an array of options to choose from and each guest can find something they enjoy!