10 Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular, and for good reason! Having a winter wedding was not always desired in the past, but now with increasing venue spaces, new unique decor options, and vendor availability, people are starting to catch on to why winter weddings are perfect. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the beauty of a white christmas underneath twinkle lights? Winter fan or not there are some amazing perks that come with having your wedding in the winter. 

  1. The Beauty of Winter

 Having your wedding in winter is perfect for magical winter wonderland photos. There is nothing better to complement that beautiful white gown with some beautiful white snow! 

  1. Money Saving

 Winter Weddings have the perfect opportunity to save money. Venues usually come at a discounted price and can have special options and offers for weddings during the winter. You might even be able to save your guests money too. If your wedding is after the holidays, travel and hotel rates are a lot lower. So having a winter wedding will save everyone money.

  1. Your Wedding Will be Unique

 Having your wedding in the winter makes it so much more memorable.Your guests won’t have other trips or weddings to go to, and it’ll be fun for them to enjoy a beautiful ceremony and fun party when they haven’t gotten a chance to do so in a while. 

  1. More Selection 

Having your wedding during a time when many people are not, not only makes you unique, it also gives you way more options. There will be so many more dates and vendors to choose from. 

  1. No Heat

No complaining about the heat, no bad sunburns or tanlines, and no bad sweating. Just a nice time without the sun glaring in your eyes or bugs in your face. 

  1. Fun Winter Activities

 You can do so many fun winter activities from sledding to snowball throwing. There are so many exciting activities winter has to offer. You and your guests will be able to have fun in the snow and be able to have a nice warm cup of hot cocoa.

  1. Decor Options

The beautiful winter decor options are endless. Plus winter decor is unique to winter. Your signs and centerpieces will all look new and exciting to your guests.  

  1. Festive Food and Dessert Options

Your wedding desserts can be whatever you want but when you have a winter wedding you get the upper hand in the word of desserts. You can have festive style treats that other seasonal weddings wouldn’t be able to have. And who doesn’t love peppermint cookies and hot chocolate? YUM!

  1. More Time to Party! 

In the winter months the days are shorter. But the nights of parties and dances are much longer! 

  1.  Less Stress

 There is no fear about whether the rain might come. You already know what to expect and how to prepare for it. Leaving you stress free and able to enjoy your special day.