Shasta & Kyle Moga | 9.18.2021

A plate of food with bacon and cheese on it.

What was your color palette? Why did you choose those colors?

Burgundy, Gray, White, Gold. I love the way they set each other, and they were gorgeous fall colors!

What was the inspiration for the look and feel of your wedding?

Country Chic and Classy!

Why did you choose to host your wedding at Celebrations on the River?

I loved the views, and the flow and set up of the venue and the amenities the venue offered. We have family from Holmen, La Crosse and Winona so this was a perfect location for all of them with an abundance of hotel accommodations. We also loved that celebrations had incredible food selections, made the food on-site and the wedding coordinators worked diligently with us for every detail and made our dreams unfold perfectly!

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

Not at all! We are so happy and it was perfect!

A plate of food with bacon and cheese on it.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

My favorite moment was the first look with my son. It was such an incredibly beautiful and emotional moment, and is something I will cherish forever – Shasta

My favorite moment was our sand ceremony and becoming a family officially- Kyle

What was one thing you obsessed over, but realized it did not matter?

We just kept thinking music would get messed up, or something would go wrong. But we had many people working behind the scenes to make sure none of that would happen and it all was amazing.

A plate of food with bacon and cheese on it.

What advice do you have for future couples planning their weddings?

Take your time and don’t stress so much! It’s okay to be unsure of what you want at a certain time, and you can always change it if that’s what YOU choose! It will work out !

How did you manage your guest count?

We created an excel spreadsheet and gave ourselves a cap on a guest count, going through people who we haven’t had contact with in a while and considering them as necessary or not.

A plate of food with bacon and cheese on it.

Who were your vendors? (DJ, Photographer, Flowers, Hair/Makeup, Dessert, etc.) How did you choose them?

Our DJ was a gift from the maid of honor. He had been a DJ at different establishments she worked at and has always been amazing.

Hair/makeup was done by the Metropolitan Spa out of LaCrosse and came as recommended from other friends that had used them and had great experiences.

We got our cupcakes through a local lady in our town, the Bakers Table of Tomah. She has fun, yummy treats all the time, and offered a great variety with delivery and a fun tasting event for our cupcakes!

A plate of food with bacon and cheese on it.