Tips for a Memorable Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding ought to be one of the most memorable occasions in your life. Proper planning is necessary to make your wedding elegant, classy, and luxurious.

Outdoor weddings are a great way to make your big day outstanding and beautiful. Integrating nature and modernity into a venue is enough to make your wedding linger forever in every attendee’s mind.

To make your big day memorable, here are a few tips for you. 


Never underestimate the power of the venue in a wedding. The venue you choose has the power to determine how exciting your wedding will be. You can tell if a wedding is going to be one for the books by the mere tour of the wedding venue.

Exchanging your vows by the beach or a quaint garden with a stream flowing silently nearby and birds chirping on the horizon will surely linger in your mind forever. 

Choose a place that represents you and the theme of your wedding.


One aspect of wedding decorations you could use to create a whimsical ceremony is lighting. A well-lit wedding venue creates a romantic and dreamy setting.

For example, if you choose a garden as your ideal venue and the park has canopy trees, hang string lights on the trees to illuminate the reception to do the trick.

You can create a dreamy setting by hanging café lights on your to-be altar. Chandeliers are also a good option, especially if your theme color for the wedding is white.

Ensure your choice of lighting color blends in with the theme of the wedding.


Most weddings ensure the guests are well entertained by hiring a deejay or inviting an artist to the event. However, for a memorable and unique wedding, consider a special mode of entertainment. One good choice would be a band. 

Have the band play slow theme-setting music as the wedding progresses to create a romantic setting from the background. Both you and your partner can have the band play specific tracks you like on that day, so you make the day even more memorable. 


What makes an outdoor wedding memorable is the environment and the decoration you integrate into the venue. One way to make the day unique and special is by displaying photos of your love journey to your guests. Make every attendee part of your love story by having someone take pictures throughout the wedding. The photo-taking session is also a memory worth remembering.

Get someone who can nicely take pictures and knows how to capture every golden moment. Sure enough, capturing every single part of the wedding gives you a better recreation of your wedding day each time you look at the photos. An outdoor wedding has multiple features that will make every shot capture a tale. 

Food and Drinks 

Make your wedding remarkable and memorable by ensuring your guests are well fed. Food and drinks ensure your guests are refreshed and energized for the whole day. 

Use the food and drinks to create scenery. A display of the food and beverages you have for your guests will add some elegance to the wedding.

Get a spot in your ideal venue where no eye will miss the food and drink display and won’t steal people’s focus from the main agenda of the day.

Pick dishes that will leave your guests smiling.

A wedding is for you and your better half. The memories you make at your wedding will be most important to you. Therefore, let the wedding plans focus more on your wants. If you would love an outdoor setting for your wedding that incorporates nature and is beside a river, contact us at Celebrations on the River