130″ Tablecloths (13 colors) – Ivory



These deluxe tablecloths will bring an elevated look to the room. All of these tablecloths are to the floor and make any room look stunning and seamless. Fabric choices from polyester, satin, pintuck, and sequin give you the choice to customize the look to your event! A “To the Floor” tablecloth provides a beautiful and elegant look to any room. 

*Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly from pictures, due to difficulty in capturing the “true colors”, despite us working hard to ensure quality, minor stains or spotting may be detectable. All tablecloths are ironed but folded which may require light ironing. 

  • Replacement Cost: $40/each
  • Late Return Fee: $100
  • Optional Delivery Fee: +$4 per mile, up to 125 miles. $50 minimum.
  • *Pickup and Return Policy: Products are available to be picked up on the date/time selected, but not earlier. All items must be returned by or before the return date/time selected to avoid late fees. See Agreement for full details.


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